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What all properties are exempted from EPCs

Energy Performance Certificates tell how energy efficient a property is. It remains valid for 10 years and the property needs to be assessed for it  by an authorised person before putting it for sale or rent. This helps the prospective buyers or tenants in finding how much their energy bills are going to be.

EPCs  are needed to be issued for all domestic and commercial properties but there are few exceptions. There are a few properties that don’t come under this for some reasons. At times, EPC is mistakenly written as EPC Register.

EPC Register

Properties that are exempted:

  • Religious buildings
  • Listed buildings
  • All those residential buildings that are not used more than 4 months in a year
  • All those buildings that are unsafe and can cause serious health issues and safety is at risk of the people living there or visiting.
  • Properties that are going to be demolished and are already scheduled for it.
  • All those stand alone buildings having area of less than 50 sq. m.
  • All those agricultural buildings and industrial sites which have minimal energy use and at the same time they are non-residential.
  • All those temporary buildings that are not going to be used for a time-period of 2 years or longer.

Apart from that above properties listed above, all other properties need to get Energy Performance Certificate. These certificates are proved to be really helpful. These certificates not only suggest the possible measure that can be taken to make the properties more energy-efficient but at the same time shows how much the energy bills are going to be cost. Anyone can see the EPCratings  of a property and it won’t be chargeable. It helps to compare the energy efficiency of two different buildings which further helps to make a wise decision. EPCs also include the details of carbon dioxide emissions. This also helps to make people aware of how badly the environment is suffering because of us and what all measures should be taken to improve the situation.

Your furniture now delivered to your doorstep

Buying out a furniture is one of the thing which takes a quite lot of time. We see through the many options and then decide which one to decide for. This also makes the time more consumed in the process and leaving the facts of bargaining and price for the same. Wooden furniture has always been one of the most desired and loved furniture type. Reason for this being the classic look and the things which could be done over the wood. The calligraphy can be done on the wood easily and has also a great long life.

teak garden benches

In case you are planning to buy out the furniture then you should be looking now to online shops which are present there to help you find the perfect furniture. This makes the things easier in case you are planning to buy a furniture. There are multiple varieties of teak garden furniture sets which can be seen by you if planning to buy for a garden space. Also you can see for the teak garden benches which also form a good option when it comes to buying a garden bench. Teak is the best material in terms of wooden furniture and you should also look out for the same.

Once you decide the furniture you want you can then place the order and the furniture would be delivered to your door step. Purchasing become easy with this way and more convenient in terms of option also. You can look for teak patio furniture to all the big list present there so that you get what you want. It is a new way of buying out a furniture and you can use the same for yourself as well. The furniture received can be assembled at your home as well.

Ease of Play and Fantastic Support Have Helped

Many people like visiting an online casino to play his favorite game but not much of the online casinos are very helpful for the players. Some even have very dubious rules and conduct operations in a way that hamper customer visit. This is not at all the case with The judi bola is very user friendly for the customers and offer a memorable experience by its offerings. Help at every corner of the site is easily available   so that a new player who turns up here is sure to get delighted by the hospitality that the site offers. The following two features of extending support to a customer is worth mentioning.

judi bola

  • Easy 4 steps to play and win – A customer can easily understand the working of the judi online process by visiting the casino. There are 4 easy steps of playing a game and all these steps have been mentioned by the casino for the benefit of a customer. Step 1 involves registering a new customer to the site for identification, step 2 involves deposition of a sum in the account for playing a game and step 3 involves playing a game and making a win out of it while step 4 is associated to withdrawal of the winnings. All these steps have been effortlessly explained by the casino so that a new customer can also understand them.
  • Online support is very helpful – The online chat that is available on the front page is very helpful and supportive. Details regarding any game like ceme online can be requested and useful information can be expected. The representatives of the online chat are professionals and understand the requirements of the customers well.

These features have ensured that the site does well and as more people get to enjoy the services offered by it, the casino is experiencing a dream run.


Purchase Lucrative Models of Breitling Replica Watchesfrom Genuine Store

If you like to purchase replica watches now you have more wide chance to fulfill your dream with the huge stock of watches. The stock offers several brands and you can buy them from the online stores. Like other goods, you have to visit the website and make to order to buy them. People also can find things from the catalog which includes avariety of models of Breitling replica watches.

Find standard Panerai replica watches

Many people may not think their days without wearing their watches. It has become an important part of the lifestyle. For attending parties and trips you may have such brands with you. It’s no matter if you cannot afford the authentic products as you have the replica watches at apossible lower price. The great color and lucrative designs increase the value of costume. People can use those for them and give others as gifts. Now at many places, these replica products are available but you should be careful when you are going to buy from them.

   Rolex replica watches

The online store is such a place where you can judge the products by its descriptions and reviews of other customers. So, there is a huge possibility of getting quality products. Only cheap rates are not enough as quality is the ultimate. The dealer promises to provide the exact things shown in the catalog. You can compare all the products and their prices. After comparing the quality and prices of Panerai replica watches you can make anorder. If there is any confusion you can ask the specialists for help.

Check all the things before you book

Online shopping has many drawbacks also including the wrong delivery. If there is any wrong delivery you may return the product as per the refund policy. Before the purchase, you may check the latest products which you also may like. If you love the brand Breitling you may have some new model of Rolex replica watches.

Will Electronic Shisha Be a Future Smoking Accessory?

Hookahs have an ancient tradition and were used in ancient times to consume tobacco or cannabis. It was a popular smoking accessory in India, Pakistan and the Middle East countries that was used as a social activity. Over years, the Hookah’s profile has changed and portable type of hookahs were launched in the market. Lot of changes were also made in the material of hookahs making it light-weight and cost-effective. Even costlier designs were also launched in the market. Contemporary hookahs are entirely different from the one that had traditional use.

shisha pen

Modern profile of hookahs

We have entered the age of electronics and most traditional products are being transformed into electronic form and so is the case with traditional hookahs. Electronic hookah is actually a hookah pen used by people to inhale vapors of different fruit flavors and doesn’t make use of tobacco or cannabis as an ingredient. The product is also known by the name “shisha pen”. Although this type of product is not relatively popular in the smoking culture, but it is quite less harmless than smoking an e-cigarette which cause inhalation of nicotine that is associated with health hazards.Electronic shisha, not being much popular, is available through many online shops. Despite its low ill-effects on health, the product is not meant for sale to individuals under 18 years of age.

What is the future of shisha?

Shisha is still having a common use and most people are not even aware of this product. But it is explicit that it can be a good substitute of traditional smoking or better called e-cigarette in future. Many people may not find it easy to purchase this accessory because of high price, but as its use will increase the prices will come down. Some reputed names such as hookah Australia have good choices of low-priced varieties. It can be anticipated that shisha will be a good choice for smokers of today.



Factors to be considered before filing bankruptcy

Non-dischargeable debts when cannot meet the financial requirement leads to bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy is often a scariest task yet a much needed one. To know your choice of option you will require a bankruptcy lawyer san diego who can get you away from stress and hassle.

bankruptcy lawyer san diego

 Best thing you ever do is filing bankruptcy

Many experience lawyer consider filing the bankruptcy is the best thing to do. Bankruptcy has a tremendous volume of constituents such as emotional, moral, legal and financial but once declaring bankruptcy the primary event to occur is to seek protection from the bankruptcy laws because all the overwhelming debts accrued will be tangled in the procedure and you will be required to give notice to the individuals whom you own money so they will know that you are filing bankruptcy.

Things to do before filing a bankruptcy

Filing a bankruptcy without consulting San Diego bankruptcy lawyer can impact severe demolition to your personal credits. So you need to consider a few important factors before filing a bankruptcy.

  • Try solving the matter with negotiation and out of court with your landlords or people whom you owe funds and avoid filing bankruptcy
  • Though you might think to sort out the issue without the lawyer, but the best suggestion is to hire a bankruptcy attorney San Diego to take a wise decision and make your process smoother
  • You can try visiting credit organization who can offer funds for your debts. There are plenty of programs with these agencies, go for the best one that full fill your needs and demands.

Summing it up

When you want to file your case on your own then you should be absolutely familiar with your valuables that should be kept away from the knowledge of the court. But if you want to avoid complications then you can hire a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case from start to finish.


Keep Your Excitement Alive With Corn hole game

 Games are not only played to get the fun or pass your time, rather games are played as a stress buster in today’s world of competition and hectic schedules. Everyone is busy in his life and hardly gets me time, so just fulfill that balance of relaxation and fun with the routine work life. We all love to play games, at one or the other point of life.

Introduction Of Corn Hole Game

Let’s discuss the corn hole game, which gives energy and enthusiasm amongst the busy schedule of life. If you are planning to enjoy the lawn party, it will be incomplete without the game of fun. There are certain placement steps in the corn hole game which we need to keep in account, while starting the game. Also the set of rules, makes it more effective.

corn hole game

How To Play?

– First of all, there has to be a flat surface for the installation of platforms.

– Secondly, holes of both the platforms should be set apart at 33 feet.

– Players need to stand next to the board and across the team mate, but on the same side of the platform facing each other.

– Each team gets 4 corn bags of one colour; bag in the hole gets 3 points, over the platform gets 1 point. If your bag Falls at the land, unfortunately you will not score any.

– The game continues till the time one player or team scores 21 points or exceeds.

– Almost impossible to tie in between two teams, as only one team gets the scores at the end of each innings.

– Earned points gets cancelled by the opponent, which is a tricky part of the game.

Rules of the game makes it more interesting, challenging and competitive, in case you follow the rules sincerely

Make hair look beautiful with hair extension gold coast

Hair extensions

            Hair isimportant part of our body and they need to be good looking the hair have a great impact on the overall look of the person. To make hair look muchbetter, the EH hair extensions gold coast are used. Hair extensionsare becomingpopular in the current times as they have the ability totransforming the look in an instant. The clips ins are used and they are the fantastic tool which is used forspecial occasions. It is mainly for those who don’t wish to commit to weft, tape or any bonded extensions.

EH hair &extension gold coast

Clip in

            When you clip in the pieces of your hair and also style them for blending with natural hair the flexibility you get withyour hair to make the short or long and even up and down. This can bedoneeasily without causing any kind of damage to the hair unless anduntil you don’t wear them constantly. The hairextensions gold coasts explainthatthereare different types of hairextensionsavailable in the market and at the salons. It is your choice whether you wish to have the synthetic or real hair extensions. Thesynthetichair is the ones which areaffordable. At the sametime they can be hard to blend in the natural hair because the style is predefined i.e. set in them.

            EH hair & extension gold coast explain that the real hair is much more expensive and they can be styled and used as compared to the synthetic one. They can be made such that they can be easily matched up with the hair in perfect manner. There are number ofsalons which work and deal in this field but very few of them are able to offer you with the high quality servicesand products. There are very few which will be offeringyouwith the hair extensions which are 100% Remy.

MGA Emergency Dental Brisbane: What Services Do They Provide?

The dental field of sciences have a lot f services to cater to. Some of the major things that MGA after hours dentist Gold Coast does are as follows:

  • Broken tooth: there may be chips broken from teeth to there may be a crack between teeth, these things are easy to take care of.
  • Facial swelling: often there are times when due to tooth aching the muscles inside the mouth starting to swell.
  • Wisdom tooth: well, this is the most common problem associated with dental problems in today’s world. It is an extra tooth that grows at the end of the jaw line and causes tremendous pain. The best way to deal with it is to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Root canal treatment: root canal treatment is very normal these days. This can be taken care of in a short time.
  • MGA after hours dentist Gold Coast

MGA dental emergency Brisbane:

With these services available even at emergency timings, it becomes a boon for the people. Among the many things dentist services in Brisbane are turning out to be world class.

Well. Australians produce the greatest fast bowlers in cricket. What if a ball comes crashing against your jaw and breaks a few teeth. This is when you will be taken to MGA emergency dentist Brisbane.

The ground at Brisbane has a bouncy pitch as well. So be it in the field of sports or even a fight on the streets, broken teeth need to be attended at once. Another major dental problem that seems to be on the rise is bleeding gums. Bleeding gums may be a small problem but over time it could get real ugly. This does not need any kind of surgery. Consult the dentist and get yourself the right medicines and tooth paste to make this problem go away.

Safe way to win a high score – Pubg hacks

Digital games have changed our lives for good. Today we can enjoy our free time anywhere indulging in games with our friends and unleash our tiredness. Surrounded by work each time makes us frustrated all the time and the digital games have turned out to be like gateways which cut us from boring lives to unleash for a while. These online games might not be easy to play as we all think. Crossing levels and earning good scores doesn’t come easy. And therefore people make use of the pubg hacks to cross the hurdles with a simple hack and make an outstanding score.

pubg hack

Using the online hacks for your game

We all have come across websites which boast of helping you get better at some online game and help you build a score so that you can easily win the game. As unreal as it sounds one can definitely make se of the pubg hack for their game and truly build up score which helps one beat their friends in the games. These websites have a special tool which works for the special games that are featured by them. You can sign up with these websites and make use of their guided tools to unlock features that help you play your game better, unlock levels faster and also get a high score way too early. You can also sign up for a VIP membership to unlock the multiple game hacks and play as many games with high score as you want.

Safety of using pubg hacks

Almost 90% of the people who contemplate using online hacks have come across dilemma of losing their game. But pubg hacks are simple and effective without any potential loss to you in terms of violation of right and therefore shall keep you in good terms with the app you are using!

Cat Genie Reviews: Why You Need One Right Away

If you question any pet owner what they hate most about owning a pet, you will hear everyone complaining about cleaning their pet’s litter box. It is truly a very messy job and it becomes even messier if delayed. So how do you get it done with the least minimum effort? You get an automatic self cleaning litter box for your cat. Litter boxes are quite common and cats are trained to poop in litter boxes to avoid mess. And now technology has made available self cleaning litter boxes like cat genie which eliminates any need for manual intervention.

cat genie reviews

Why do you need one?

If you own a pet cat, you must know how tedious it can be to clean your cat’s litter box daily. Also, it can be quite disgusting at times when it starts to give off foul odor. But with cat genie, you do not need to worry about cleaning your cat’s litter box anymore. cat genie reviews suggest that it is fully efficient in cleaning and washing itself and thereby maintaining hygiene for your pet and your house. You only need to change the litter very rarely when the automated system is full.

How it works

If you read any cat genie review you will know that it is a fairly simple product to set up and hardly requires any maintenance. It provides you with three options- you can set it to clean automatically after the cat uses it, or you can set it to auto clean certain number of times a day or you can just manually clean it by pressing a button. Upon pressing the button, liquid fills up in the box which helps to separate the poop which is sent to a sanitation box which comes along with it. so overall it is a very neat and clean an efficient system and a must have for every cat owner.


Tips to ensure you are successful on Instagram

If you want to be successful on Instagram, there are a number of tips and tricks which you can use. Not only should you buy instagram followers cheapbut there is a lot more to getting popular and staying popular when on Instagram or any other social media site for that matter.

  1. You should know how often you should post, what is the schedule you should follow. More importantly than that, you should know what time you should post. You should post at different times and track which yields the most rewards.
  2. There should be different themes you should post on. This allows that the followers are continuously engaged. The themes can be rotated at intervals and this attracts more people to the page. There should be contests, stories and other posts as well which will draw more visitors.
  3. buy instagram followers cheap
  4. There should be guidelines which all your posts as well as photos follow. They should be in the same genre, they should be consistent and this should be such that the brand is distinct.
  5. In addition to a company just investing to buy instagram followers cheap, they should also interact with other accounts, they should comment on photos, like other people’s photos, handle content and comments which are on their account and more.
  6. The hashtag should be branded. It should also be such that it embodies the entire brand and it allows followers to share different photos which will fit the image.
  7. The more involvement that the public has with your company and brand, the more awareness as well as publicity it gets. This in turn helps to generate more followers and you do not need to buy instagram followers cheap anymore as this generates organic followers in the same niche of your business.

A much vast mass communication means

The times have changed with the passage of time when human now rely over the internet connections to spread information among his followers at a faster pace. Unlike the earlier times, when there were only telegraphs to send information from a distant place to another, now the internet technologies cover the entire globe within its reach. The ‘ancient’ systems of communicating with the people like the use of telegram, telephone or the carriers of information, have now been replaced by much faster means of communication that are faster as well as less costly than before.

The social media networks have been the further pioneers for the communication process through the medium of internet that is really very soothing and helping for the humans to have at their disposal. The communication means of internet thus, nowadays especially rely over the social networking sites to carry most of its burden and provide the nicest way to approach the things.

buy instagram likes

Be it the platform of Instagram, that is in the trends to be followed up by the young generation who not only keep it to themselves, but also try to spread its use among members of their respective families belonging to different age groups.

Thus, in order to attain some sorts of social media authority over the Instagram platform, the most feasible way is to buy Instagram likes. To buy Instagram likes, means that the communication process is reaching a vast number of Instagram users who open the search page to look out for the persons with high media attention. The users of the social media thus listen to the message spread by the person holding Instagram likes more than anyone else, and hence to buy Instagram likes becomes worthwhile. Thus, to buy Instagram likes mean to buy attention of a much larger audience.


Technology news gives you an insight on the best technical solutions



Technology runs the 21st century. There are so many things that come under technology. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep you are completely surrounded by technology. To keep up with the latest happenings around the world you need to follow the technology news.

Does it help in iPhone repair?

One of the major problems that people face in the world is when their phone starts to falter. As you are in the 21st century, you can possibly survive without food for a week but without your phone and internet you may not survive for even a couple of days.

The phones have become an integral part of our lives. However an iPhone is not just a phone. It does a lot more than you can think. So an iPhone repair does not come cheap by any means. It can cost you a lot of money.

technoly news

Since it is an iPhone you wouldn’t like to experiment on its repairs. However you can do the next best thing. You should start looking for places where the cost of repairing an iPhone is less. This is exactly when comes in handy.

They do all kinds of repairing work. They are specialists and they make sure that you get your gadgets repaired at the lowest possible price. Just because they charge you low do not mean they are offering you cheap parts. They keep their profit margins low and deal in quality.

They believe in customer satisfaction and they do good work. You can approach them with your iPhone problem and it will be dealt with. In a short time your phone will be as good as new. They have a workforce that is trained and skilled so you should know that your gadgets are in safe hands and will get restored to good health as soon as possible.


Online Vs Offline Gaming

Gaming is no more limited to offline mode online. It has affected each and every area of our society by being online. People from each and every age group are equally interested in playing games online. And this interest or craze increases when we think of earning money through gaming. This is with the development of gambling games like domino 99. Online gambling provides us a chance to earn money and fun at the same time. That is why this gaming is in so much demand.

Bandar Q

There was a time when people used to go out of their houses in order to play. Whenever they want to get their mood refreshed, they prefer to go out of their homes and play some outdoor games. But this gaming scenario has changed now. There is a drastic change in the preferences of games. People are now stuck with online games only. They prefer to be at their phones and compete with their friends online. This is how the online gaming is reaching at every corner. The time is more of Bandar Q than of basketball or football.

No doubt the online gambling has more fun involved. Online gaming is the easiest and the best option to spend free time. But this too has some adverse effects. These affects need to be taken care of before going for gaming online. You can’t afford to lose your health for the sake of earning more and more money or playing more and more online. It might not be correct while saying that online gaming must be abolished. It is just that you must play in limit. You must go for games like Bandar Q but do take care of your health first. Do take care of your eyes. It is rightly said that “Excess of everything is dangerous”, so be careful.