Selalein Chatham

Cat Genie Reviews: Why You Need One Right Away

If you question any pet owner what they hate most about owning a pet, you will hear everyone complaining about cleaning their pet’s litter box. It is truly a very messy job and it becomes even messier if delayed. So how do you get it done with the least minimum effort? You get an automatic self cleaning litter box for your cat. Litter boxes are quite common and cats are trained to poop in litter boxes to avoid mess. And now technology has made available self cleaning litter boxes like cat genie which eliminates any need for manual intervention.

cat genie reviews

Why do you need one?

If you own a pet cat, you must know how tedious it can be to clean your cat’s litter box daily. Also, it can be quite disgusting at times when it starts to give off foul odor. But with cat genie, you do not need to worry about cleaning your cat’s litter box anymore. cat genie reviews suggest that it is fully efficient in cleaning and washing itself and thereby maintaining hygiene for your pet and your house. You only need to change the litter very rarely when the automated system is full.

How it works

If you read any cat genie review you will know that it is a fairly simple product to set up and hardly requires any maintenance. It provides you with three options- you can set it to clean automatically after the cat uses it, or you can set it to auto clean certain number of times a day or you can just manually clean it by pressing a button. Upon pressing the button, liquid fills up in the box which helps to separate the poop which is sent to a sanitation box which comes along with it. so overall it is a very neat and clean an efficient system and a must have for every cat owner.