Selalein Chatham

Keep Your Excitement Alive With Corn hole game

¬†Games are not only played to get the fun or pass your time, rather games are played as a stress buster in today’s world of competition and hectic schedules. Everyone is busy in his life and hardly gets me time, so just fulfill that balance of relaxation and fun with the routine work life. We all love to play games, at one or the other point of life.

Introduction Of Corn Hole Game

Let’s discuss the corn hole game, which gives energy and enthusiasm amongst the busy schedule of life. If you are planning to enjoy the lawn party, it will be incomplete without the game of fun. There are certain placement steps in the corn hole game which we need to keep in account, while starting the game. Also the set of rules, makes it more effective.

corn hole game

How To Play?

– First of all, there has to be a flat surface for the installation of platforms.

– Secondly, holes of both the platforms should be set apart at 33 feet.

– Players need to stand next to the board and across the team mate, but on the same side of the platform facing each other.

– Each team gets 4 corn bags of one colour; bag in the hole gets 3 points, over the platform gets 1 point. If your bag Falls at the land, unfortunately you will not score any.

– The game continues till the time one player or team scores 21 points or exceeds.

– Almost impossible to tie in between two teams, as only one team gets the scores at the end of each innings.

– Earned points gets cancelled by the opponent, which is a tricky part of the game.

Rules of the game makes it more interesting, challenging and competitive, in case you follow the rules sincerely