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Will Electronic Shisha Be a Future Smoking Accessory?

Hookahs have an ancient tradition and were used in ancient times to consume tobacco or cannabis. It was a popular smoking accessory in India, Pakistan and the Middle East countries that was used as a social activity. Over years, the Hookah’s profile has changed and portable type of hookahs were launched in the market. Lot of changes were also made in the material of hookahs making it light-weight and cost-effective. Even costlier designs were also launched in the market. Contemporary hookahs are entirely different from the one that had traditional use.

shisha pen

Modern profile of hookahs

We have entered the age of electronics and most traditional products are being transformed into electronic form and so is the case with traditional hookahs. Electronic hookah is actually a hookah pen used by people to inhale vapors of different fruit flavors and doesn’t make use of tobacco or cannabis as an ingredient. The product is also known by the name “shisha pen”. Although this type of product is not relatively popular in the smoking culture, but it is quite less harmless than smoking an e-cigarette which cause inhalation of nicotine that is associated with health hazards.Electronic shisha, not being much popular, is available through many online shops. Despite its low ill-effects on health, the product is not meant for sale to individuals under 18 years of age.

What is the future of shisha?

Shisha is still having a common use and most people are not even aware of this product. But it is explicit that it can be a good substitute of traditional smoking or better called e-cigarette in future. Many people may not find it easy to purchase this accessory because of high price, but as its use will increase the prices will come down. Some reputed names such as hookah Australia have good choices of low-priced varieties. It can be anticipated that shisha will be a good choice for smokers of today.